La Cendrée

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In a chalet decor with warm and amber colors, there is a fireplace where a wood fire crackles.
The atmosphere is friendly, the map is Italian with reference to the origins of Ted Di Trapani.

The kitchen brigade is exclusively composed of Italian chefs who concoct an exceptional and varied cuisine.

The guestbook is fascinating to consult by the originality of some of his dedications.

A cellar created 30 years ago by Ted Di-Trapani, fine connoisseur of the art of wine.

According to some of his fellow restaurateurs, Ted is known for being the first to bring a cellar to Courchevel with so many references, exceptional vintages, subtle wines ...
The trophy of the best cellar of Courchevel was given to him by the famous oenologist Jacques Puisais.

Meals can start with a tasting of fine and crisp pizzas, cooked over a wood fire, and whose quality has remained the same for 30 years.

For meats:
Tournedos Rossini, morel mushrooms, veal piccata with citrus from Sicily.
Find on your plate all the flavors of Italy.

The clientele of regulars, but also great personalities, both politically and artistically, all have a knowledge of Italian cuisine, and appreciate it.

The multitude of photos that cover the walls of the restaurant shows the cosmopolitan clientele from all over the world.

Contact details : La Cendrée

Le Maroly BP 63
73120 Courchevel 1850.

+33 4 79 08 29 38

[email protected]


- Seven days a week

- Dinner

- Open winter
- Booking advised
- Possibility of meetings of personalities

  • Traditional food
  • Pizzeria
  • Italian cuisine
Les plus

- The cave.
- The warm atmosphere.
- Quality products.

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