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Val Thorens, located in the Tarentaise Valley is the highest village in Europe with its 2300 m altitude. The station offers a variety of routes for skiers to enjoy skiing under the sun all day long. Field of bumps, elevation to the horizon, snowpark, or slalom Stadium, there is something for everyone in Val Tho! In addition to skiing, the station holds more than 150 bars, restaurants and nightclubs, something to do besides skiing!


In the center of the Val Thorens resort , you can enjoy a very large sports and leisure center, but also a bowling alley, and other various activities. In 2016, the station received the title of "Best of Europe European ski destination," which made her a popular tourist resort. Val Thorens is semi-pedestrian where cars are allowed to circulate but not to park outside the car parks, which makes the pleasant resort. The resort boasts an image "entertainment, sport and form" in national and international media. A little further up in the mountains, at altitude, you will find easily good food : Savoyard specialties, snacks ... You will also find places where you can jiggle : la folie douce, famous throughout Europe by people who like relax and drink with friends in the middle of mountains! In short, you have everything you want!


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