L'Alti 16

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The ALTI 16, as the name suggests is on the Méribel Le Plateau at 1600 m.

Push the door of the establishment, you will be met with ease by a young, dynamic, and making every effort to make your stay a pleasant one.

A menu without excessive zeal will be offered.

Quality products composed.

The pizzas are excellent and many of the flagship The ALTI 16, their paste is fine and tasty.

Regional specialties that always delight the guests are served generously, meats that complement the map are quality.

The ALTI 16 is an address to remember for many reasons cited, and good value.

See regular attendance regulars at the station, it's a sign!

Do not forget the pizza AWAY!

Pizza delivery throughout the resort from 18:00 to 23:00.

Contact details : L'Alti 16

Astride and her team
Immeuble Vizelle
Méribel 1600

+33 4 79 24 21 36


- Seven days a week

- Dinner

- Open winter and summer
- The evening only
- Access on foot, by car and Morel chairlift

  • Traditional food
  • Savoy Specialties
  • Pizzeria
  • Pizza to take away
Les plus

- Welcome
- Conviviality
- Reasonable prices
- Take away
- Delivery of pizzas from 18:00 to 23:00

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