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The Arpasson, which has the distinction of being accessible by ski and on foot is one of the "lighthouse" places of the 3 valleys.

The Arpasson is three desires, three concepts in different settings just as nice as each other.

The Lendais family is very pleasant and offers holidaymakers a service at the table, but also a self-service, and a snack, enough to satisfy all customers.

Take strength through the self that revisits the classics, or near the Austrian bar for the Aperoclette party to discover, or for those in a hurry, come and eat the diots sandwich, the real Liège waffles and the Bombardino, a hot energy drink. ....

Take your time upstairs at the gourmet restaurant to share a moment around a generous traditional cuisine.
Top service, quality products, home cooking with pot au feu, diots, soup "grandmother" and pastries are on display.

The panoramic terrace offers a splendid view out of the ordinary on the valley and on the white mount. It is covered in case of bad weather

From 15h, it will be pleasant in a "Club" atmosphere to enjoy all snacks, to the rhythm of live music.
A DJ kicks the establishment for the great pleasure of the faithful.

The Arpasson, a quirky and friendly place that never ceases to surprise pleasantly.

Highly appreciated by the locals, Thierry, Cathy and their team still intend to surprise Méribel's clientele.

If you want to get high for an exceptional evening, find out it's on the menu!

Contact details : L'Arpasson

Catherine et Thierry Lendais
73550 MERIBEL-Mottaret

+33 4 79 08 54 79

[email protected]



- Seven days a week

- Lunch

- Located on the Tougnete slopes.
- Between the cable car and Tougnete chairlift.
- Accessible on skis or on foot.
- Open in winter and summer
- From 9a.m. ‘til pistes close.
- Table service.

  • Traditional food
  • Bar food
  • Specialties
  • Self service
Les plus

- Exceptional views.
- Table service.
- Club-DJ atmosphere.

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