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Finally a gourmet restaurant on the Domaine des Plagnes!

The UNION is the meeting between two lovers of the mountains, the glide and the good flesh:

Phil Howard, London's most respected chef in London, has consistently been awarded Michelin stars for 30 years in London.
and Martin Cruchet, whose passion for skiing led him to the summits, eventually becoming coach of the French team in the European Cup, and owner of a ski shop, located in Montalbert, recognized for the excellence of its technicians.

They set up a talented team, in which the service will be put forward by Sylvain Acolas, and the plate by Rose Bass and Tom Smith.

Phil's culinary approach has always been a favorite with customers and critics alike.
Its cuisine matches the rhythm of the seasons using the best products. It highlights the harmony of flavors rather than the modern techniques of the new kitchen.

This philosophy is at the heart of what UNION can offer: a simple, delicious and authentic cuisine.

Opinions are unanimous, what a discovery!
Everything is refined without ostentation, however, the charming and efficient reception, the most interesting menu, relatively large dishes, subtleties of flavors without too "cerebral" associations, but innovative all the same.

A real kitchen with good products, and surprising "finds".

The place wants to be intimate with 35 seats set in a mountain atmosphere, contemporary and relaxed.

Contact details : L'Union

Philip Howard - Martin Cuchet
Immeuble Le Signal
73210 Plagne Montalbert

+33 4 79 55 51 07

[email protected]



- Closed on Monday

- Lunch, Dinner

- Accessible on foot, by ski, by car
- Open winter only.
- Closed Sunday evening and Monday.
- 35 seats
- Lunch - From Tuesday to Sunday 12.00 - 14.30
- Dinner - Tuesday to Saturday 18.00 - 21.30

  • Top class
  • Traditional food
Les plus

- Phil Howard, Stars in the Michelin Guide
- Product selection
- The framework
- Creativity and flavors of dishes
- Professionalism

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