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In La Plagne since 1987, Yvonne and Francis offer you, in their small restaurant, traditional cuisine, Savoyard specialties and Alsatian specialties which have made the reputation of the establishment.

Their simplicity and kindness will accompany you throughout your meal.

In a small room, friends and owners of La Plagne like to meet at lunchtime for a simplified menu, made up of salads and meats.

The dish of the day, lovingly cooked by Francis, will be offered to you, as well as raclette and fondue.

In the evening, Yvonne will offer you the traditional cuisine menu, all the Savoyard specialties, and the famous Alsatian specialties that it is forbidden to ignore during your stay.

THE BACKEOFE - A real treat!

Alsatian dish cooked in a terrine with 3 kinds of meat:

Beef, pork, lamb marinated for 48 hours with potatoes and vegetables cooked in white wine.

A charming little establishment, quality cuisine and big-hearted bosses will make you have a good time.

Contact details : L'Estaminet

Yvonne et francis SCHUSTER
Rue de la Gaieté
Plagne Centre

+33 4 79 09 12 69


- Seven days a week

- Lunch, Dinner

- Located Rue de La Gaieté
- Open Winter - Summer
- Access from the gallery and from the outside (Le Pelvoux)
- Alsatian specialties
- Restaurant vouchers, Holiday vouchers

  • Traditional food
  • Specialties
Les plus

- The welcome and kindness
- Passion for cooking
- The Backeofe (Alsatian dish)

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