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Courchevel, the magic happens!

In the largest ski area in the world the 3 valleys, Courchevel is today one of the most prestigious resorts in the world. Courchevel's first 5 villages to 5 different altitudes and with many faces. In the Praz; the charm of the alleys and cottages in the Village; a family spirit, to Moriond; usability and festivities… In short, a multitude of choices is offered to you, the villages being all too pleasant one than the other. The day, enjoy the variety of outdoor activities, and evening let go by the magic of Courchevel by discovering its culinary specialities or meeting of the world in the many piano bar.


We can count 6 distinct villages in Courchevel. Courchevel 1850 : the installation site of the resort, located between 1750 and 1800 m. It is the village that offers the most choices : hotels, restaurants, sports, nightlife ... Courchevel 1550 or Courchevel Village was the first tourist site, it served as the basis to Courchevel 1850. The station is very appreciated by families because of his very good value for money.position
Le Praz is located at the foot of the forest and has a beautiful lake where fishing is practiced. The resort is famous for its springboards that were used in the 1993 Olympic Games It has everything of a traditional mountain village and satisfies all its visitors with its unique charm.
Moriond, often called "the sunny" because of his position: located on a balcony in setback the relief, sunshine quality is unique. The resort offers many green and blue runs, for the happiness of families.
Altitude : you will find many mountain traditional activities, good restaurants, night activities ... There are a lot of runs but the the green and blue ones are more numerous.
Finally; the Tania, nestled between two traditional hamlets, the station integrates itself harmoniously into the natural decor with its pedestrian resort center. The resort offers the guarantee of abundant and quality snow ! So sports fans, you'll find your happiness!


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