La Kouisena  

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The "real old fashion kitchen" ... in the heart of the Chaudanne, the Kouisena, has been a point of Méribel.

Tradition and Folklore Savoyard, relive the evenings of yesteryear ...

Once the push door, Savoy is in the spotlight: grilled over a wood fire, fondue, raclette, pierrade ... and test this winter, a selection of matured meat.

Discover the local flavors and have a good time with family and friends around the fireplace.


- Seven days a week

- Lunch, Dinner

- Open for lunchtime and dinner in summer
- Open for dinner in winter

  • Traditional food
  • Specialties
  • "Old fashion" cooking-Savoy specialties
Les plus

- Savoyard atmosphere: music, costumes, decoration
- Translated English and Russian menus

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